Religious Education

St Aidan’s Primary strives to present all students with a lived experience of a loving God through a strong faith community.

Our symbol of a cross of many parts shows our students how much Jesus is valued in the universal Church. 

At St Aidan’s, students come from many lands yet together they form the one Body of Christ, as the school motto states—‘Together we are one.’ As loving parents you have begun your child’s faith journey—their connection with God. The staff aims to assist the students to reflect upon their own life experiences and to link these to the life of Jesus who taught us to love God and our neighbour. In this same way teachers work with parents to guide the students on their faith journey.

At school the students are encouraged to share and express their insights and understandings of God through artistic expression, personal and shared prayers, participation in discussions and reflections on the scriptures, active involvement in liturgies and the Mass and through daily Christian living.

St Aidan’s school is a faith community where each individual is valued for who they are.

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