Where do you go to learn how to make ice cream? Well, you could always try “sundae” school!

On Thursday the 26th of July, our Year Two students were lucky enough to visit “Pure Gelato” in Croydon Park on what has definitely been the ‘sweetest’ excursion of 2018! The excursion was closely linked to our science unit on mixtures where we are learning about how certain elements work together to create various mixtures.


In the classroom, Year 2 are working to identify ways that everyday materials can be physically changed and combined for a particular purpose -- in this case, we learned about how the milk, egg yolk and sugar can combine together to make gelato.

The students were able to view the entire gelato making process right from the raw ingredients to the finished product, a few of our students even had a go at helping out to mix the ingredients!


Year 2 learned about how gelato was made in the ‘olden days’ and how the process has changed with modern technology.

The day was wrapped up with a gelato for everyone to enjoy.



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